REACH Therapy is proud of the work we do; here are a few of the things our clients have to say about us:


  • “We are very pleased with our therapist and her approach to helping our son. We have seen a lot of improvement – not only does she make sure the goals are met but she cares for our son a lot and this shows from her interaction with him”
  • “Our daughter LOVES the PT! She greets him with a smile. Its great having a therapist that sees the possibilities and not the limitations. Our daughter is beyond where we expected her to be at this age and we feel our therapist has truly made a difference in her life.”
  • “She is a great therapist and our son has come a long way.”
  • “Our therapist is very organized and on time. She teaches us how to work with our daughter and what we should be doing when she’s not here. “
  • “We love our therapist! She has helped us develop a routine for our son and he is engaged and interactive when she is here. I feel like we are at the top of the hill and we are ready to take off with language development.”
  • “Our son speaks non-stop now and can communicate his needs which makes him less frustrated. It is amazing to watch this development!!”
  • “Our therapist has always followed through with details and support in regard to parent interaction. Our son has come so far it’s amazing! I know she has been key in his development from the beginning. We will miss our therapist when our son turns 3. She has not only been a therapist but has also been a friend.”
  • “Our therapist offers great suggestions and reading material for us.”
  • “We would love for our son to walk by 17 months and our PT is working diligently to make this happen! We have seen tons of progress since we started PT.”
  • “Our therapist helped our daughter not only in her speech development but also in her overall development. She is a very knowledgeable therapist and has helped me understand how to help my daughter.”
  • “Our therapist is very personable and has helped our child interact with others better.”